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A true SUV

On Sunday 10 December we said goodbye to our faithful 2007 Nissan X-Trail, which we part-exchanged for a Subaru Forester.

We’re delighted with the Forester, but wanted to take a moment to reflect on the vehicle that our family has owbed for 6 years and during which time we have coverd over 70,000 miles.

When we first bought the X-Trail I really didn’t know much about them and, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that much when we test drove it, but we decided to buy it as soon as we were back at the dealership.

It had a great driving position, with excellent visibility; it was very lively and had ample room for our two boys (who were aged 8 and 9) and with 130BHP it would had ample power to tow our caravan. It had a full leather interior and the rear seats also reclined to give further comfort for the boys on longer journeys.

The X-Trail was reasonably cheap to run and other than the clutch that failed on the way to a meeting, it never let us down. In the ice and snow we felt confident, and it was much better in the snow that the Mitsubishi Outlander that we leased from new (which has since gone back).

We would have gone for a new X-Trail instead of the Outlander, but as they launched with 1.6-litre diesel and we didn’t think it would cope with towing; by the time the 2.0-litre diesel appeared we had been driving the Mitsubishi for a year or so.

When we finally decided that we need to swap the X-Trail, our first choice was generation of X-Trail that followed on from what we had, but they were only made until 2013. We wanted to go for a newer vehicle, but the latest generation of X-Trails (mainly 1.6, 2WD variants) were more than we wanted to pay.

We had looked at Foresters a few years ago and I decided we should have another look. They’re about the size of Discovery Sports,  but far less expensive, and you get the full-time, sysmetrical four wheel drive system, which the company is renowned for.

The X-Trail is no longer in our family, but will remain in our hearts. It was such a good car and great fun to drive, and compared to some SUVs, this one definitely ticked the ‘sports’ and ‘utility’ boxes.

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