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Author: Simon

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UK government’s 5G gaffe

It beggars belief that the UK government is planning to award a contract to Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, to build parts of the UK’s 5G network. This contact is likely to be signed-off despite growing fears that the contract will enable the Chinese government to spy on people using the new 5G network. However, […]

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PM’s Poker Face

Theresa May is either sleep-walking towards what could be one of the greatest political upsets in decades or she will pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat and silence her critics. Everything will come down to the momentus event that will take place on Tuesday 15 January, when MPs vote on the PM’s Brexit […]

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Even God gets bored

When I first saw the headline of an article in a recent edition of the weekend Times, I had to check that it wasn’t the 1st of April. The author of the article explained that according to his Holiness, the Pope, God is ‘bored’ with rote-learnt prayers that are endlessley recited by congregations across the […]

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A true SUV

On Sunday 10 December we said goodbye to our faithful 2007 Nissan X-Trail, which we part-exchanged for a Subaru Forester. We’re delighted with the Forester, but wanted to take a moment to reflect on the vehicle that our family has owbed for 6 years and during which time we have coverd over 70,000 miles. When […]

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May Day, May Day

The vote in the House of Commons, planned for Tuesday 11 December to determine the outcome of Theresa May’s much-hyped Brexit plan, was definitely, completely, undeniably, absolutely going to take place. Oh, what’s that? Ah, the vote has been cancelled. What a complete shambles; the government is in a complete tangle and the PM’s authority […]

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No more EU referenda

When will the Remainers get it into their heads that we are not having a second referendum? It is about time the Remainers calmed down and accepted the will of the people, rather than keep trying to think of underhand ways to have another vote or to overturn Brexit altogether. I am not sure what […]

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Northern Poorhouse

This photo was taken overlooking Matlock station, which is currently the most northern section of the former Derby to Manchester line that was axed by Beeching in the 1960s. It was shameful at the time that the ertswhile transport expert ordered so many viable intercity and commuter lines to be closed, but when the then […]

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Life under GDPR

The EU’s draconian data protection legislation which came into force on 25 May this year, has far-reaching powers. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was designed by the Eurocrats to help protect the privacy of all its citizens, which must be a good thing, right? But, like so many of the directives that have emerged […]

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Service charge rip-off

We went out to dinner with friends recently and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I had decided to drive so I was stone-cold sober when it came to paying the bill. But, as sober as I was I did not see the 10% service charge that had been automatically included. So, of course we gave […]

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Defender’s demise

It’s just two years since the last Defender rolled off the production line, but with many thousands still in daily use it will be some time before we finally bid goodbye to what was one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. There is hope for frustrated Defender buyers, who may well now be […]