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Defender’s demise

It’s just two years since the last Defender rolled off the production line, but with many thousands still in daily use it will be some time before we finally bid goodbye to what was one of the most iconic vehicles of all time.

There is hope for frustrated Defender buyers, who may well now be looking at Mitsubishi’s L200 and Toyota’s HiLux (both of which offer bulletproof ruggedness, excellent off-road performance and flexibility), because there are plans to launch Defender 2.0 in 2019.

No-one knows what the new vehicle will look like, but as this image (one of hundreds of such images) shows the new design will at least try to emulate the old Defender’s commanding driving position and rugged looks and hopefully underpinned with it’s class-leading off-road ability.

Given that Defenders are often used in punishing conditions, most prospective buyers will hope that the new vehicle will have options to be specified with a stripped-out, utilitarian and robust interior. It’s all very well having deep-pile carpets and walnut dashboards in Range Rovers, but anyone wanting a workhorse will not want to take off their wellies before they get in.

Photo caption: Land Rover Defender approaches Monsal Head, in rural Derbyshire, January 2018.

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