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Even God gets bored

When I first saw the headline of an article in a recent edition of the weekend Times, I had to check that it wasn’t the 1st of April.

The author of the article explained that according to his Holiness, the Pope, God is ‘bored’ with rote-learnt prayers that are endlessley recited by congregations across the globe.

Apparently, rather than having to listen to the same old, same old, the Almighty would prefer it if our prayers were, well, a bit more original and far more interesting.

I don’t know how this will work for those who attend church and pray regularly, but as with students who pay for essays, I can see a market for original prayers emerging allowing parishioners to start sharing prayers to ensure that they continue to be heard.

It wasn’t explained how God was able to inform the Holy See that it was time for a change, but it seems that if you’re a Catholic original sin is no longer good enough, you now need original prayers.

Here endeth the lesson.


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