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May Day, May Day

The vote in the House of Commons, planned for Tuesday 11 December to determine the outcome of Theresa May’s much-hyped Brexit plan, was definitely, completely, undeniably, absolutely going to take place. Oh, what’s that? Ah, the vote has been cancelled. What a complete shambles; the government is in a complete tangle and the PM’s authority is slipping away by the minute. The EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker has stated that there will be no further negotiations, so even that option is now dead-in-the-water. All the PM can do is to try to get more MPs to vote for her plan, but with so many MPs on either side of the political divide vehemently against the plan it is very unlikely that her plan will gain any further traction. Where do we go from here? The only real option to get any form of Brexit is to go for Norway Plus Plus, but even that has flaws. If the PM can hang on to power until the end of March 2019 then we could have a no-deal Brexit and the UK would then be trading with the EU on WTO terms. The other problem is that we now have the Leader of the Opposition arguing for another referendum, but this is only because he can sense an opportuniuty to seize power and not because he no longer wants to leave the EU (he is a long-term Leaver). The problem is that most MPs seem to have forgotten that the British people voted to leave the EU and instead of working together for the beneift of the country, we have MPs working hard for the benefit of their party. The MPs might also remember Tony Blair’s words, which was that the public is ‘the boss’ and the will of the people must be followed.
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